A New Godfall Experience Awaits

Greetings once again fellow Valorian Knights! Welcome back to our third and final developer blog before the Exalted Update goes live April 7th on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Steam, and the Epic Games Store! To recap the information found in our first and second blogs, one of the major features for this update includes the long awaited Valorplate revamp, a system called Valorplate Shards. With the goal of diversifying your armory, each of the twelve Valorplates now has four unlockable Shards that highlight the different power fantasies each Valorplate embodies. As players unlock and upgrade their Shards, the Valorplates will also reach Ascendant and Exalted status, gaining new proficiencies through additional passive abilities.

Of course, the big question has been: “How do I obtain these wonderful Shards you speak of?”

Before we talk about unlocking Shards, let’s go over how to unlock Shard Slots. Players will be able to unlock up to two Shard slots during their journey, but these powers must first be earned in combat. The first Valorplate Shard slot can be unlocked by defeating Zamora the Far-seeing, and those who can best Macros will unlock a second slot for all Valorplates. Players who have already beaten these bosses in the past or players who opt to skip the story progression through the Challenger boost will automatically start with both Shard slots unlocked!

Each Valorplate Shard will have its own unlock criteria, rewarding you for spending time with the Valorplate and becoming intimate with its style and functions. Shards can have multiple unlock criteria, with the more difficult ones having up to three objectives to complete. 

We also wanted to encourage players to explore and care about their entire Valorplate catalog. At the Forge, you will be able to upgrade each of your Shards up to five times based on your total collection of Shards. The more total Shards you collect, the higher you can increase their power! 

While these new additions to our Valorplate experience are exciting, we also know that players have been eagerly awaiting other inventory updates. We’ve listened to feedback that organizing and maintaining builds were often tedious due to our current loadout system. So let’s go over some of the new features going into your personal menus.

The “Equipment” Tab has been renamed and repurposed as the “Valorplate” tab. This rework will now consolidate and hold various sub-tabs for critical items such as Gear and Augments and also house other important attributes such as Skills, Shards, Abilities and Cosmetics.

Under this new Valorplate tab, Skills can now be tied to individual Valorplates instead of having a global application. The Abilities sub-menu will display all the passive abilities and your Archon Fury ability. Any items applied in the Cosmetics tab will now also reflect in the Valorplate pedestal in the Sanctum. Players can interact with the pedestals to easily copy their gear, augments and skill configurations across Valorplates and loadouts. 

Did we just mention loadouts? In addition to these changes, each Valorplate will feature 3 loadout slots, containing the full set of Gear, Augments, Shards, your Skill Grid and Cosmetics choices. With three slots per Valorplate you can now quickly toggle between each and swap your entire build in seconds!

Now let’s go over the last batch of Valorplate Shards! As a reminder, please note the information (the numbers, visuals, or descriptions) are not final and subject to change before the update goes live.



Valorplate Shards

Way of the Wolf

  • Apply a Doom Tag for X seconds whenever you hit an enemy with a Timing Attack
  • The tagged enemy stores X of Critical Hit damage you deal to them
  • When the tag expires or the enemy is defeated, stored damage is unleashed as a shockwave that deals damage to the tagged and nearby enemies

Great Hunt Technique

  • Whenever you hit an enemy with a fully-charged Sundering Slam, they drop X orbs that grants X Critical Hit damage for X seconds (Cooldown: X seconds)


  • X of Critical Hit damage you deal with Heavy Attacks is stored in your Vengeance Meter (Max: X damage)
  • Whenever you hit an enemy with a Charged Heavy Attack while your Vengeance Meter is full, expend your Vengeance Meter to deal bonus damage to the enemy. This bonus damage is a Critical Hit

Display of Power

  • Your Banner charges a shockwave whenever you deal Critical Hit damage within your Banner Aura
  • Whenever the shockwave is ready, activate your Banner again to unleash it
  • The shockwave deals X Critical Hit damage

Passive Abilities

  • X Critical Hit chance
  • [Ascendant] X chance to apply an extra Ailment stack whenever you inflict an Ailment with a Critical Hit
  • [Exalted] X Critical Hit damage during Rampage



Valorplate Shards

Way of the Hawk

  • During Rampage, whenever you deal Soulshatter Damage equal to at least X of an enemy’s max Health, apply Soulshatter Buildup to nearby enemies each second for X seconds equal to X of the Soulshatter Damage dealt

Raptor Technique

  • X of your Soulshatter Damage you deal is stored in your Vengeance Meter (Max: X damage)
  • Whenever you hit an enemy with a Spectral Blow while your Vengeance Meter is full, expend your Vengeance Meter to apply Soulshatter Buildup equal to the amount expended


  • Your fully-charged Sundering Slam creates Spirit Ground for X seconds that applies X Soulshatter Buildup per second to enemies (Cooldown: X seconds)
  • Whenever you perform Sundering Slam on Spirit Ground, deal Soulshatter Damage to all enemies hit

Soul Rend

  • Apply a Shatter Tag whenever you hit an enemy with a Timing Attack
  • Whenever you Soulshatter an enemy with a Shatter Tag, the enemy unleashes a shockwave that applies X Soulshatter Buildup to nearby enemies

Passive Abilities

  • X Soulshatter Buildup
  • [Ascendant] Gain X Polarity Attack charge whenever you Soulshatter an enemy
  • [Exalted] X Soulshatter Buildup while you are Polarized



Valorplate Shards

Way of the Endless

  • Uncharged Heavy Attacks inflict Curse while you are Polarized
  • Whenever you Curse an enemy while Polarized, gain a Void Charge that grants X Curse Power (Max: X charges)

Power of the Void

  • While Siphoning, restore Health to you and nearby allies. Health gained each second is equal to X of the damage siphoned
  • After Siphoning, you and nearby allies gain X Archon Fury charge for every X damage dealt

Nova Technique

  • Whenever you hit an enemy with Explosive Wave, consume Curse and increase Void damage dealt to the enemy by X for X seconds

Perpetual Energy

  • Whenever you hit a Cursed enemy with your weapon, X of the damage is also dealt to other Cursed enemies nearby

Passive Abilities

  • Shield Throws inflict Void damage and inflicts Curse
  • [Ascendant] Restore X Health whenever you hit an enemy with a Timing Attack
  • [Exalted] X Curse Power, X maximum Siphon damage



Valorplate Shards

Blizzard Technique

  • Whenever you hit an enemy with a Charged Shield Throw, summon a Blizzard that deals X Water damage per second (Cooldown: X seconds)

Way of the Kraken

  • Whenever you hit an enemy with a Polarity Attack, Ice Spikes burst from the ground to deal X Water damage, inflict Chill, and knock the enemy down
  • While Polarized, deal X Takedown damage to Chilled enemies

Bitter Cold

  • Spectral Blow deals X bonus Water damage and consumes Chill
  • Spectral Blow deals X additional Breach damage

Frost Shield

  • X of the damage dealt by your Shield is stored in your Vengeance Meter (Max: X damage)
  • Whenever you perform a Petrifying Slam while the Vengeance Meter is full, expend your Vengeance Meter to deal Water damage to enemies in a straight line equal to the amount expended. This effect also deals bonus Breach damage, inflicts Chill, and knocks down enemies

Passive Abilities

  • Shield Throws deal Water damage and inflicts Chill
  • [Ascendant] X Chill Power, X Chill duration
  • [Exalted] Gain X Archon Fury charge whenever you consume Chill

We’d like to once again thank all our fans for staying with us, both during the development of Godfall and beyond its launch. It is a pleasure collaborating with content creators and players alike to bring out the full potential of our game. We are now just days away from the full release of the Exalted Update – please stay tuned for our patch notes covering other details such as the enhanced story campaign, overhauled combat mechanics, new game modes and more!


Daniel Nordlander

Game Director, Counterplay Games