Updated September 23, 2020 


If you are a California resident, starting January 1, 2020, you have a right to receive this Notice of Financial Incentive, as defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, Civil Code §1798.100 et seq. (CCPA).  This Notice is to provide you with information regarding any financial incentive or “price or service difference” that we may provide in exchange for your personal information. All terms are used in this Notice as defined in the CCPA or applicable regulations thereunder. 

From time to time, we may offer in-game rewards for our products and services in exchange for your enrolling in email updates, newsletter delivery, contests, or similar services we provide to communicate with you. To provide these services, we utilize the identifiers you have provided to us and may use the details from your commercial relationship with us (from your commercial information). Specific portions of our website provide financial incentives. To receive these financial incentives (or opt in), you will be asked to provide personal information through an online form, contest submission, or via social media. 

You can opt into the financial incentive or price or service difference by submitting the personal information. If you subsequently wish to withdraw from the financial incentive or price or service difference, you may request such withdrawal by contacting us here: [email protected] If you opt out, we will not reduce the value of any financial incentives you previously received from us. 

Each financial incentive or price or service difference related to submission and use of consumer personal information is based upon our reasonable but sole determination of the estimated value of such information, which takes into consideration, without limitation, estimates regarding the anticipated revenue generated from such information, the anticipated expenses which might be incurred in the collection, storage, and use of such information in the operation of our business, and other relevant factors related to the estimated value of such information to our business, as permitted under the CCPA. 

For additional information, please see our Privacy Policy. 

If you have any further questions regarding this Notice, please contact customer support.