The expansion of the acclaimed space strategy series, previously released under a different name, is now exclusively available on GOG.com, together with the release of the prequel – Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

Frisco, Texas – June 22, 2017 – GOG.com (https://www.gog.com), the digital distribution platform for all your classic gaming needs and exceptional AAA experience, together with Gearbox Publishing and Gearbox Software proudly present the comeback of Homeworld: Emergence – the stand-alone expansion of the original Homeworld game.
Homeworld: Emergence was originally released as “Homeworld: Cataclysm”. “Cataclysm” is now a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., and the game has been renamed to avoid confusion. Other than the subtitle change, the game is identical to the game released in 2000 and is now available exclusively on GOG.com, DRM-free and with a 10% discount.

Homeworld: Emergence takes place fifteen years after the original game and introduces a new chapter in the Homeworld saga. After returning to their homeworld, a Hiigaran sect unwittingly releases an alien horror, and it’s up to you to commandeer the Kuun-Lan, a Hiigaran mining vessel, and transform it into a combat-ready mothership.
The expansion made many changes and fixes to the base game including ship upgrades, ability to toggle time compression, as well as improved user-interface and added new 3D features such as moving parts and transforming ships. There are also new units and technologies to research available, a new race called “The Beast”, and a full-length campaign to play through.

Today marks another addition in the Homeworld series on GOG.com, with Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak being released on the platform. The 2016 release from Blackbird Interactive, is a prequel to the space strategy saga, and takes players on a 13 mission campaign to join Rachel S’jet and her expedition to discover their destiny. The game features both land and air vehicles, massive environments, tactical combat and online multiplayer.

To celebrate those great additions to GOG.com’s catalogue, all games from the Homeworld franchise received discounts for a week – these include Homeworld Remastered Collection (66% off), Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (66% off), Homeworld: Emergence (10% off) and Homeworld Remastered Soundtrack (66% off).

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