FRISCO, Texas (April 21, 2021) – Rogue Snail and Gearbox Publishing are proud to announce their partnership in bringing Relic Hunters Legend to life. The upcoming top-down, looter-shooter, is full of shooting, looting, and having fun with friends.

Watch the Rogue Snail dev team talk about Relic Hunters Legend here.

“It was here at PAX East, almost two years ago to the day when we started conversations with Gearbox – now we’re unveiling our partnership to the world, and we couldn’t be more excited,” said Mark Venturelli, CEO of Rogue Snail and Creative Director on the Relic Hunters Legend. “We’ll have a lot more to share on Relic Hunters Legend soon and how everyone can get involved.”

Relic Hunters Legend is an in-development free-to-play online looter-shooter RPG featuring exciting, fast-paced gameplay, a variety of powerful equipment and weapons with tons of customizable options, and a cast of rowdy rebels with different skills and abilities that you can fine tune to match your playing style! Dive into an epic adventure with the Relic Hunters to recover lost Relics and “Duck, Duck, Loot” some Ducans!

  • Be A Rebel – Online cooperative play for up to four players! Play the campaign solo, play with your friends, or make some new friends in this exciting and fun-filled galactic adventure! Enhance your experience by joining the Relic Hunters Legends Official Discord channel. Be among the first to learn about in-development features and talk directly with the Rogue Snail team – let your voice be heard!
  • Power Up – Choose from several Hunters with unique abilities, upgrade your equipment, and customize skills to perfect your Relic-Hunting machine! Relic Hunters Legend is an exciting looter-shooter RPG where you can customize each Hunter to fit your playstyle. Enjoy theory-crafting and tons of stats that will satisfy the most hardcore players!
  • Adventure Awaits – Run and gun online in full 3D environments with smart enemies, cool abilities, and upgradable weapons and armor. Chill out solo, with people you know, or help out some fellow rebels in need! Put on your game face and tackle some serious challenges or a kick-back looting mission whenever you feel like it.
  • PC Optimized – Featuring 4K Resolution, unlocked framerate, ultrawide support, as well as fully customizable controls and many options to make your gameplay smooth like butter.

Stay in the loop with all upcoming announcements and reveals on the Relic Hunters Legend Steam page.