Risk of Rain 2 Early Access – Scorched Acres Content Update

The first content update for Risk of Rain 2 is live today, June 25th, 2019!

This update has a bunch of new content and general changes and quality of life improvements.

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Take a look at what’s new:

  • Added New Survivor: REX
  • Added New Stage: Scorched Acres
  • Added New Boss: Grovetender
  • Added New Elite: Malachite
    • Malachites are new high-tier elites that only spawns late. Possesses a number of unique abilities – including disabling your healing…
    • New unique visuals and SFX that signifies a Malachite elite has entered the stage
  • Added New Monster: Clay Templar
  • Added New Drone: Equipment Drone
  • Added New Drone: Incinerator Drone
  • Added New Chests: Category Chests
    • Category: Damage
    • Category: Healing
    • Category: Utility
  • Added 9 new items/equipment to the game
    • New Item: Topaz Brooch
    • New Item: Old Guillotine
    • New Item: Warhorn
    • New Item: Aegis
    • New Equipment: Eccentric Vase
    • New Equipment: Fuel Array
    • New Lunar Equipment: Spinel Tonic
    • New Boss Item: Little Disciple
    • New Boss Item: Halcyon Seed
  • Added 5 new challenges to the game
    • New Challenge: Cut Down
    • New Challenge: Warmonger
    • New Challenge: Cosmic Explorer
    • New Challenge: Blackout
    • New Challenge: Power Plant
  • Added 2 new environment logs to the game
    • New Environment Log: Scorched Acres
    • New Environment Log: Gilded Coast
  • Added 6 new lore entries to the game
    • New Lore Entry: Brittle Crown
    • New Lore Entry: Soldier’s Syringe
    • New Lore Entry: Firework
    • New Lore Entry: Rejuvenation Rack
    • New Lore Entry: War Horn
    • New Lore Entry: Abyssal Depths