Hello Neighbor Breaks into Stores Today

The truth is within your grasp – Hello Neighbor is now available around the world! Starting today, December 8th, you can get Hello Neighbor digitally for Xbox One™ and PC, or in stores for [...]

Gearbox Publishing Blog 3: Turtles in Time

Hey everyone, Welcome to the third edition of our Publishing blog! This month, the Pub team took time from the rigors of our jobs to enjoy a lovely holiday break – but it wasn’t all [...]

Gearbox Publishing Blog 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey everyone, Last month, we launched our very first Publishing blog with the goal of discovering whether our fans were interested in hearing a little more about the inner-workings of our team. [...]

Gearbox Publishing and tinyBuild Partner to Bring Hello Neighbor to Stores

Gearbox Publishing is excited to announce it’s retail publishing partnership with tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels to bring Hello Neighbor to store shelves around the world! Hello Neighbor is a [...]

Welcome to the Gearbox Publishing Blog

Hey! I’m Steve Gibson and I run Gearbox Publishing, a sister company to Gearbox Software. We feel like some of what goes on at a game publisher could be interesting to those of you who are [...]